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10 inch / 25cm Bassreflex box with 29 liter 29 Liter That is exact in one enclosure size of the enclosure: (HxBxD) (20cm/32,5cm) x 55cm x 35,5cm Made of only high quality 18mm MDF Special made to prevent Air leak Inclusive speaker cable (2x2.5mm wire) and speaker connectors Single terminal for speaker connect Bassreflex tube (wide: 10cm / length: 20cm) 2 x stainless steel grill (2 x bar) Sound proofing inside (sound absorbing material) at rear board. Packing: Gw. 12.5 Kgs Nw. 11.5 Kgs M: 59x38.5x40 CM Packed in carton box, with 8 x Styrofoam corners and in a bag.

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