lege subwoofer kist 15inch 95L

€ 129,00

NECOM NE1515.2P-95L


15 inch / 38cm Bassreflex box with 95 liter 95 liter that is exact in one enclosure size of the enclosure: (HxBxD) (27cm/46cm) x 85cm x 45cm Made of only high quality 18mm MDF, front plate 25mm MDF Special made to prevent Air leak Inclusive speaker cable (2x2.5mm wire) and speaker connectors Double terminal for speaker connect Bassreflex slot (high: 36cm / wide: 5cm / length: 25cm) 2 x stainless steel grill (2 x bar) Sound proofing inside (sound absorbing material) at rear board. Packing: Gw. 26.5 Kgs Nw. 15.5 Kgs M: 89x52x49.5 CM Packed in carton box