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 RSC808/RESC8088A smart charger and battery maintainer suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles and recommended for START/STOP batteries. Compatible with lead acid, gel, calcium, EFB and AGM batteries. Keeps batteries in good condition without risk of overcharging. One button operation and large LCD backlit display for ease of use as well as reverse polarity and short-circuit protection for safety. Connect and be sure with the charger adjusting automatically to long-term maintenance mode when the vehicle's battery is full.Available with three pin plug (part number RSC808) two pin plug (part number RESC808) 8A smart charger and battery maintainerFor 12V and 24V vehicles STOP/START compatible Up to 4A or 8A charge rate 7-Stage charging process Large LCD display screen that clearly shows voltage and charging progress Cold weather charging mode which protects batteries in cold temperatures Quick connectors with clamps or O-ring terminals for long term connection One button operation for ease-of-use Backlit display can be seen in low light Reverse polarity and short-circuit protection Connect and be sure - automatically adjusts to long-term maintenance mode when battery is full   Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD 183 x 114 x 64 Weight (kg) 0.902 Voltage 230V Wattage 1840W AmpsOutput 8A        
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