Hertz Dieci SET COAX 3Way 6"x9"+Grille (Set)

€ 95,00

The Hertz DCX 690.3 three way coaxial derives from the combination of a real woofer with a 60mm midrange and a Mylar dome tweeter. You get linearity, good off axis response and tonal accuracy which you can't normally have with a standard coaxial speaker.




Specs Hertz DiEci DCX-690:


Component: 3 way Coaxial


Size: woofer 6"x9" midrange 60mm tweeter 15mm supertweeter


2 x 180 watt max


2 x 90 watt RMS


Impedance: 4 ohm


Frequency Response Hz: 45-21k


Sensitivity: 93dB


Outer diameter: 165mm


Mounting hole diameter: 152mm


Magnet size: 80mm


Total depth: 88mm


Magnet: High density flux ferrite


Cone: Water repellent pressed paper